Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP - SALE BY CITY OF REAL PROPERTY, Old Police and Fire Hall Stations, Portion of Tax PID 84.53843.0005   Proposals due 4:00 PM, May 18, 2021

Questions and Responses - Sale of City Property, Former Fire & Police Stations

Question: Can you clarify whether or not we include a price offer for the building?

City Response: Yes, include a price offer for the buildings.

Question: Can we set up a time to have an appraiser come look at the buildings for sale?

City Response: Yes


Question: Can you provide clarification on the first bullet under the Project Profile requirements?  

City Response: The RFP describes 3 relevant examples of projects similar in scope to the proposed project. Examples of work in urban renovation, redevelopment or new development project would be similar in scope.

Question: Is there an opportunity to submit information about our proposal that will not be public?

City Response: All information submitted is public information.


Question: Will this space need to be sprinkled?

City Response: Currently, the buildings have a true building separation with the block wall and span Crete roof, which means that utilizing each building separately will not require sprinkling. If the two buildings were to be utilized with one occupancy, they likely will be over the threshold for square footage requiring fire suppression. The requirement to sprinkle will be determined based on the final proposal and plans.


Question: Is there a possibility of allowing parking in the further parking lot owned by the City?

City Response: The City is open to considering allowing parking in the rear of the property (westerly boundary) through a parking agreement.


Question: Do you have an estimate of the cost of separating the gas, electric, water, and sanitary that will fall to the developer?

City Response: The following are estimates only:

Electric: Material and labor to install new 600 amp 3 phase 480 volt service. Feed a 40kw 480 to 208 volt transformer and install a 200 amp 3 phase 208 volt panel. Refeed all circuits in bay area with new panel and move lighting as required for new wall to be built.

Material and labor to install new 200 amp single phase panel in office area. Refeed all electrical out of new panel.

Electrical permits and any tax included: $30,000.


Sanitary and water separation budget price: $15,000.00


Gas piping separation budget price: $2,100.00


Question: Do you know the age of the roof, and were there any anticipated capital improvements in the near future?

City Response: It is believed to be around 1992. There are no capital improvements planned.

RFP - DESIGN OF COMMUNITY CENTER Proposals due 4:00 PM,  May 20, 2021

Questions and Responses - Community Center Design RFP

Question: Would it be possible to share the 2017 conceptual images?

City Response: The City will not be sharing copyrighted work.


Question: In 2017 the City had a design for a Community Center, there is no mention of pre-design or other documents in the RFP. Is there an expectation from the City to use these documents, and if so would they be available?

City Response: There is not an expectation to use the 2017 conceptual plan. It is expected that the firm will develop pre-design documents. 

Question: Is the design team to include services for site survey and existing condition assessment, or is that something the city will provide outside of this design contract?

City Response: The design team shall provide site analysis services rather than a site survey.


Question: Can you please share insurance requirements with working with the City?

City Response: TBD


Question: Does the City have any critical milestones date for initial deliverable (façade rendering for project promotion), as identified in the Project Schedule bullet point?

City Response: TBD


Question: The list of services under the Required Services does not list Civil/Site Engineering or Landscape Architecture. Is this to be included under the scope of professional services, or being provided by the City?

City Response: The City’s existing consulting engineer firm may provide civil services for the project directly to the City with coordination with the design team as needed.  This will be determined yet. Proposer may include those services with breakdown of fees i.e. Civil/Site Engineering, and Landscape Architecture.


Question: Does the City have any desire to pursue 3rd party sustainability rating or goals (USGBC LEED Rating) or is the State Bonding requirement of the B3 process the only sustainability rating that would be pursued with this project?

City Response: The B3 standards only.


Question: Was a pre-design report developed by the 2017 study to secure State Bonding, or will that document need to be prepared as part of this project?

City Response: A pre-design report was not developed as part of the 2017 schematic drawing. That document will need to be prepared as required by the State due to State Bonding.


Question: Would the State pre-design process and Minnesota B3 need to be incorporated into this project?

City Response: Yes to both.


Question: Will you be changing the submittal format to digital only or maintain the physical copies delivered to your address?

City Response: Physical copies are still required and can be mailed or delivered. Electronic copies can be on flash drive either mailed or delivered with the physical copies or a pdf copy can be emailed to


Question: Will there be a preproposal meeting?

City Response: There will not be a preproposal meeting.