SnowFest 2021

SnowFest Schedule

The Medallion was found by Bruno Theisen and family. The medallion was hidden on top of one of the posts supporting the softball field concession stand! Congratulations!

Medallion Winners 2021

February 22nd, CLUE #1 
"Your odds will be one in eight. If you find it now, you will not wait."

February 23rd, CLUE #2  
"Wells Fargo in another life, go that way to end your strife."

February 24th, CLUE #3
"This is a land of many tosses, find it now to cut your losses."

February 25th, CLUE #4 
"Labor pains and fancy dances, get this clue to increase your chances."

February 26th, CLUE #5
"You'll go here to quaff your thirst or sate your hunger with a wurst."