SnowFest 2022

SnowFest 2022

If it is too cold or windy, the face painting and crafts will be moved to the Government Center, 75 Callaway St E.

The SnowFest Medallion has been found! 
Special thanks to our sponsors: Floral Arts, Sisters & Co., Bad Habit Brewing, Sentry Bank and Stearns Bank!
Congratulations to Lezlee, Emma, Adyson, and Libby Bergwall and Linda Johnson. They braved the cold temperatures and found the medallion hidden in Millstream Park!
SnowFest activities will resume this Saturday at Memorial & Klinefelter Park.

Medallion Winners


Jan. 24th - CLUE #1: "Different year, a different date. You'll still be looking in one of eight."

Jan. 25th - CLUE #2: "Different year, a different date....but maybe not different real estate."

Jan. 26th - CLUE #3: "Not on a field or with the dogs, you'll find this prize amongst the logs."


The medallion will not be hidden in a manner that would require the finders to damage property in order to find it nor would its discovery require one to endanger themselves. 

  1. Clues as to the location of the Medallion will be published here daily beginning January 24th at 10AM.
  2. The medallion will not be hidden on the St. Joseph Government Center grounds, at St. Ben’s Campus or Athletic fields, on any church property, under any skating surface, on the softball or baseball fields, on private property, or at any construction site.
  3. If the medallion is found please text 320-557-8140.  The prize will be awarded at the St. Joseph Government Center on a date that is convenient for the winners.