SnowFest 2023

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2023 Medallion Hunt Clues

Jan. 23rd: 

"Today is day one, so ready, set, go.

You’ll be on your way, don’t let anyone know.

You’ll be seeing great things!

Nine parks to enjoy and all that it brings!"

Jan. 24th:

"Don’t lag behind, you may need the speed.

You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead.

You are skillful and talented, but you can sit and rest.

Wherever you go, you will be best of the best."

Jan. 25th:

"You’ll come down a long road, with an unpleasant bump, 

Cross into the park, be careful, don’t jump.

Peaceful and calm this park says meditation,

To get you relaxed and enjoy the three-lobed vegetation"

Jan. 26th: 

"You will come to a place where trees are not marked

Some rocks, some stumps, your curiosity is sparked.

The shelter is airy, so white and so bright,

Just turn towards the south, where the fence line is in sight."

Jan. 27th: 

The Medallion has been found!

Congratulations to Stacy & Eric Theisen! The medallion was found on a stump in Cloverdale Park Thursday afternoon. They received various gift cards from local businesses: Ace Hardware, Magnifi Financial, Floral Arts, Bad Habit, and Cloud 9 Energy Bowls.

Medallion Found 2