Orderly Annexation Agreement

Orderly Annexation Agreement (OAA)- City and Township of St. Joseph

In 1997, the City and Township of St. Joseph entered into an Orderly Annexation Agreement to provide for cooperative future planning for land governed by the two jurisdictions. The OAA encourages future development near the city so as to avail such development of municipal services as much as is practical.  The agreement was amended in 2010 and 2013 to clarify land use planning process and management.

Amended Agreement

In 2018 the City Council and St. Joseph Township Board agreed to an annexation of a portion of the 1997 OAA.  The annexation of the agreed upon area became effective on January 16, 2019.  The City of St. Joseph will be the Zoning Administrator and Building Official for all property located in the OAA regardless of whether the property was annexed.  Property annexed will be rezoned to similar a similar zoning district.  All property zoned Urban Expansion (UE) will be rezoned to Rural Residential, Commercial property will be rezoned to B2 Highway Business and Industrial property will be rezoned to Light Industrial.  Property that remains in St. Joseph Township will not be rezoned, keeping the existing zoning.  Details of the zoning classifications are available by clicking the appropriate link below.

Property zoned Rural Residential (formerly UE) will be taxed at a rural tax rate until a time when services are readily available or the property is developed commercially or industrially.  The link below includes a letter to the residents clarifying the impact of the annexation.


2010 OA Agreement
2018 OA Agreement
2019 Information Letter to Residents
2019 Rezoning Map, following Annexation
Rural Residential Zoning District
B2 Highway Business Zoning District
Industrial Zoning District