Before you schedule your appointment, you must do the following:
  • Locate the water meter in your home or business. Most water meters are located in the lower level or utility room.
    1. This is a picture of what the water meter looks like. 
    2. These are the two types of valves that may be in your home.


  • Ensure the area around the water meter is clear, to allow working space for the installers. The meter must be accessible and not located behind water heaters, water softeners, washer/dryer, boxes or other obstacles. If the meter is not readily available, you will need to hire a plumber to make the meter accessible. 
  • Verify when the valves are shut off, that the water is completely off. If the valves do not operation properly, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have them replaced or repaired before the meter replacement is scheduled to occur. You may call a plumber to do the work or if you a comfortable with it, you may make the repairs yourself. 
  • To replace the valve before the meter, the water will need to be shut off at the curb-stop by St. Joseph Utilities. Please schedule an appointment at least 48 hours in advance of the repair with Mike at 320-557-7399. This advance notification will allow Utility Staff time to locate and verify the operation of the curb-stop prior to an appointment you may have with your plumber. 
  • Leaking or faulty valves may mean the installer will be unable to complete the meter replacement as scheduled. The repair of any leaks or valves are the responsibility of the property owner. Valves repairs should be made prior to scheduling the meter replacement.
  • The City of St. Joseph and Midwest Testing are not liable for repairs of defective valves or plumbing. 
  • There is no charge for the meter installation or for water shutdowns at the curb-stop.

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1. Before you schedule your appointment, you must do the following:
2. Who will be replacing my water meter?
3. Midwest Testing will also be checking for cross connections and sump pumps. What does that mean?
4. How long will the appointment take?
5. How do I schedule the appointment?
6. How can I monitor my household’s water usage after the new meter is installed?