Who will be replacing my water meter?
  • The City of St. Joseph has contracted Midwest Testing to do the installation of your new water meter. 
  • The installer will arrive at your house or business in a vehicle with Midwest Testing branding. They will have photo IDs’ and uniforms to identify themselves, and will identify themselves prior to the meter replacement. 
  • All installers have completed training and background checks
  • Installers will need to gain access to the interior of your home or business for the meter installation. 

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1. Before you schedule your appointment, you must do the following:
2. Common Meter Valve Installations
3. Who will be replacing my water meter?
4. Midwest Testing will also be checking for cross connections and sump pumps. What does that mean?
5. How long will the appointment take?
6. How do I schedule the appointment?
7. How can I monitor my household’s water usage after the new meter is installed?