Form of Government

The City of St. Joseph is considered a Plan A Statutory City which operates under the statutory city code contained in Chapter 412 of the Minnesota Statutes and a number of other statutes that cover special cases. 

Distinct Features of a Plan A City

  • A five or seven-member council, consisting of a mayor and four or six councilmembers, runs the government.
  • The council appoints a clerk and treasurer for indefinite terms. The council may remove these employees at any time in accordance with state law and any personnel policy, contract, or ordinance in effect for that city.
  • The council may appoint independent boards and commissions, such as a utilities commission, and advisory bodies, such as a planning commission.
  • The council appoints all personnel, including the police chief, attorney, fire chief, and liquor-store manager.
  • The council has all the administrative and legislative authority and responsibility that councils in Standard Plan cities have.

  1. Kris Ambuehl

    City Administrator

  2. Kayla Klein

    City Clerk