Sewer Rates

Water Meter Readings

All users of the St. Joseph Wastewater System will be billed for discharging normal domestic-strength wastewater. To determine billable wastewater (sewer), all users must have a meter installed on the water source. For residential customers, the sewer rate is based on the November or December water meter reading. Usage during this period determines the maximum charge you will be billed for sewer. At no time during the year following the reading will the charges exceed that amount. Commercial customers are not billed using a winter quarter reading and are billed based on the actual water meter reading for each billing cycle. The sewer rates are divided into usage costs and a line charge.

2019 Sewer Rates

  • Line Charge - $34 per unit per billing cycle (2 months)
  • Usage - Rate per gallon of water used: $0620

Description of Fees

Usage Charge

In an effort to encourage conservation, the city does not charge a minimum sewer fee and residents are charged for each gallon of water used, based on the winter quarter reading (residential accounts only). The rates for usage are based on costs to operate the system so that high users of the system pay a larger portion of the operational costs.

Line Charge

The operation of a sewer system includes considerable fixed assets, which all residents benefit from in order to have sewer services available. The cost of the fixed asset does not fluctuate on usage; therefore, the line charge was developed to equitably charge all residents an equal amount for the asset. To help calculate the charges, one unit is charged for each residential use and one for each commercial use. If a residential structure contains multiple residential units, each unit is charged a line charge. Similarly, business structures with multiple uses are charged for each unit.