AED SaveStations

If you needed a defibrillator to save someone's life, would you know where to find one?

Thanks to the generous donations from the family of Ken Twit and a grant from CentraCare Health Systems, ten outdoor SaveStations have been installed throughout St. Joseph for a total of eleven SaveStations in the City!

The green circles in the map below indicate where an AED is located inside a building.

SaveStation locations are indicated by the red circles and are as follows:
* St. Joseph Government Center - 75 Callaway St E
* Millstream Park - 725 County Road 75 W
* Wobegon Trailhead - 605 1st Ave NE
* St. Joseph Fire Hall - 323 4th Ave SE
* Baker St. Lift Station - Southwest corner of the intersection of 7th Ave SE & Baker St. E.
* Joel Vogel Residence - 212 16th Ave SE
* St. Joseph Public Works Facility - 1855 Elm St E (Will be installed soon!)
* Memorial Park - 48 4th Ave NW (Will be installed soon!)
* Northland Park - 807 Northland Drive (Will be installed soon!)
* Morningside Townhomes - 198 Iverson St W (Will be installed soon!)
* CentraCare - 1360 Elm St E - (Will be installed soon)  

AED locations